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Adding a new pet to the family

If you’re reading this post- you probably already know how amazing pets are. They are always happy to see us, and we consider them part of the family. Sometimes we enjoy them so much we decide that we’d like to adopt another dog or cat that needs a great home.

Making the decision to bring a new pet into your home is a very exciting one.

Here are a few tips to make the transition as smooth as possible:

Consider the energy level of your new pet- some adult or senior pets may not appreciate the spunk and energy level of a new kitten or puppy.

Have your current pets been exposed to other members of the species you are bringing home? If your dog has formerly shown aggression towards cats, maybe adding a new cat is not the best idea.

If possible, have the pets meet on neutral ground. Some pets can be territorial over their home turf, a natural behavior left over from their wild ancestors. Meeting in a park or the front yard are good options. It’s not typically recommended that your pets meet inside a shelter, because shelters can be loud and stressful environments.

Even if your pet is friendly and social, it is never a safe idea to throw pets together in the same house, car, or yard for their first meeting. Keeping each dog on a leash or keeping the new kitty in the carrier is the safest way to make first introductions.

Make the experience positive, offering treats when the new and current pets interact in a friendly manner will encourage this behavior in the future.

Keep each pet in their own space for the first few weeks. Having a safe space to be alone if desired will help to alleviate stress that can come with a multi-pet household.


If your have any questions or concerns regarding adding a new pet to your household, please don’t hesitate to call us at (812)867-7335. We look forward to meeting your new addition.

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